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4 important advices when going to Perfume Pagoda

1, Should not follow a leader stranger there

One of the special things in Perfume Pagoda is guests will be sitting on boat on the Yen stream sightseeing before entering the main temple (Thien Tru). Strangers are not only in the perfume area, but every where else which can be less than 20km away. There are on motor bike, following each group  and invite them to get on their boats,.... Visitors should not go there, because the prices of boats and entrance fees to visit the landscapes will be 5 to 10 times more expensive than the normal prices

Guests can purchase tickets at the gate, or go directly to the  Yen Stream to contact with the people selling the tickets around the dock.

2. Agreement on the price before getting on the boat

To avoid being overcharged as well as overloaded by more people on the boat, you should get clear agreement on the amount of people who will be on the boat. In many cases, some people going in a group (about 5 - 7), after they get on the boat they put more people.

The regulation of
Festival is the scenic fare is 50,000 / person. The return way is 35.000/ person. However, visitors are required to pay addition to 50,000 - 70.000/ person.

3. Prepare water and food

Because of the difficulty, the price of food and drinking water in the Perfume Pagoda is much more expensive than the other places. Travelers should prepare food as well as drinks so that you will not feel "shocked" by the ridiculous price.


4. Be careful with medicinal ailments

These medicines men with advertisement of reasonable price ailments are sold along the Huong Tich. The average price for a pack of cigarette is 50,000 - just take 3 packs in one month can be cured. The majority of all drugs and components are unknown their origins

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