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Four most romantic destinations for women in the world

1. Copenhagen - Denmark

Danish capital Copenhagen is a city of bicycles, romantic bicycle taxis for family, diverse architecture, the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen. Therefore, Copenhagen is considerred as one of the cities of the future by the architecture and urban transport system friendly with the environment.

Copenhagen also has modern construction but it still keep it fairy. This ss home of  famous writers of fairy tales for children, the sites associated with the name Andersen attractting most tourists. The statue Fairy personal looking to the coast must be mentioned here.


2. Buenos Aires - Argentina

Situated on the banks of the romantic Rio de la Plata river, this city is the capital and the largest port city of Argentina. Buenos Aires is a city of  the romantic tango passionate attracting everywhere. Women here tend to dress eleganttly when going out.

Coming here you can watch the dancers dancing everywhere. There are so many great coffee shops. Over here, you can also watch the flaming match and having the feeling of being lost in the colorful globe of the houses in La Boca. Being considerred as the city with the most  effects of the European region of South America, Buenos Aires city even reminds of Paris, the magnificent French city on the other side of the ocean.


3. Marrakech - Morocco

Marrakech has been known as the the most important pop of Morocco under the names such as "The Red City" or "Al Hamra," located in the southwest of Morocco, near the foot of the Atlas Mountains. There are rarely pink places steeped in as it is in Marrakech, the capital city which is known as the capital tourist of the Kingdom of Morocco.


Marrakech is a city of excitement, exciting but it is also very romantic and alluring. Be considered as a oriental pearl, Marrakech attracts every people. Each person finds their own fun in this pink city of million people. Both believers shopping and who is not interested in shopping, are engrossed to follow the scent aromatic candles, soap, dried, smoked eyes in shades spices, silk and wool in the markets.

4. Salzburg - Austria

Salzburg Salzburg is the capital of the state which has the same name of the Republic of Austria. This is often called is Mozart because this city is the home of this musical genius. He was born and lived for more than half of his short life here.


Here, both has a beauty characteristic of an old European city, and many special characteristics, romantic with abundant natural scenery. Although Salzburg is a small city but there is captivating beauty. There are a lot of ancient buildings being built hundreds years ago.