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March: Travel along the cherry blossom season

1. Hakodate, Japan


Admiring the beauty of the cherry blossom, also known as Hanami is a popular and important activity in the life of the spirit of the Japanese people. March is cherry season, and complacent in two destinations in provinces Hakodate: Goryokaku fortress and park Hakodate.

After not being used as a military fortress, star-shaped building Goryokaku and the park  around  has been transformed into a public park with thousands of cherry trees being planted inside. This is also the place is considered the number one places to watch the cherry blossoms in Japan.

2, Jinhae, Korea


Jinhae, also known as "cherry blossom tunnel" with about 220,000 cherry trees blossoming every spring. This is a chance for visitors from all over the world to enjoy the cherry festival which you can both walk to watch the flowers, take pictures, while listening to the birds singing that makes the heart more at ease.

3. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Perhaps not many people knowing that this Northern famous tourist province of Thailand is also an ideal to watch cherry. Go to Chiang Mai, do not forget to visit the national park Inthanon, Khun Chang mountain or park Doi Khun Mae Ya where cherries grow as a sea of ​​pink clouds, covering the breasts with a mild aroma. Thai cherry blooms a little earlier, since the end of February

4. Danshui, Taiwan

Tian Yuan temple in the port city of Danshui is a familiar destination for those who love cherry with pink wing. The cherry trees here usually bloom later than other places in Taiwan, usually bloom in mid-March, attracting visitors to enjoy flowers, tea and sip the traditional cake around the temple.

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