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Taiwan-5 sightseeing addresses can not be missed

1, Taipei 101

Being constructed in 1999, the Taipei 101 tower located in Xinyi District, in the central area of the city's busiest and Taipei, Taiwan.

The building was awarded the Emporis Skyscraper of 2004, and the Discovery TV Channel listed it in the top seven wonders of creation. This building is called Taipei 101 because it has 101 floors and 61 elevators in the building. At the intersection Songlian and road Xinyi on the eastern entrance to the tower is a large granite fountain which was designed as a symbol of wealth and prosperity according to Chinese feng shui.


2, Nhat Nguyet Lake


From Taichung, drive about 2 hours South East visitors will reach the darkest moon of South First District. Nhat Nguyet lake is Taiwan's largest freshwater lake ưhich is about 900 hectares. Especially the green water lake, which í very beautiful and even more beautiful at sunset or sunrise. Around the lake there are many other interesting places to visit.


3, National Park Taroko Gorge


The Taroko National Park in Northeastern Taiwan known for a long time for its majestic canyons, rivers of lava and vegetation are abundant, but the most famous is Collection Paiyang and cliffs Tsingshui. They are the most perfect wonders of the natural wonders of Taroko national Park. Besides the rich diversity of flora and fauna and interesting tourist attraction, visitors can find  here half the world's species of mammals and plants focus of extensive forests.


4, Eternal Golden Fortress


Eternal Golden Fortress, also known as Fort Gold eternity located in Tainan. This is the ancient capital of Taiwan which is well suited for visitors, vacation and those wating to learn about the ancient traditions. Fortress was built in the nineteenth century by a French engineer against Japanese aggression. In 1975, after 100 years of construction, the Taiwan government allowed place to be repaired  for tourists tovisit.


5, National Palace Museum

The museum is located in the heart of Taipei and is a showcase of the cultural relics of China. Museum store 700,000 objects, including porcelain, bronze, landscape, portrait, Chinese quarter. The artifacts on display here can be seen as the essence of tradition, history and culture of China. Footage from precious materials during the war is also shown. It can be considered as the storage area more than 4000 years of Chinese culture.