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The most interesting trekking places for young people during beginning of the new year

1, Fansipan - Lao Cai

Fansipan is located on the Hoang Lien Son mountain in the area of ​​Sa Pa, Lao Cai province. Dialects called Fansipan HuaSiPan, which means huge rocks protruding. The mountain is known as the roof of Indochina with a height of 3.143m above the sea level.

Journey to conquer Fansipan pretty tough with the dry stream bed lumpy boulders, craggy slopes, steep trails, rocks to as upstanding tables. However this is also very interesting and romantic, with ancient trees towering sight, dense bamboo forest, dazzling azalea was covered with space and stream.

2, Ham Lon moutain - Hanoi

Bird Foot Moutain, also known as mountain Ham Lon in Minh Tri commune, Soc Son district (Hanoi) in the populations of the Soc Son mountain range. This is considerred as he highest tops and people know this as the "roof of the Hanoi ".

There are two ways to conquer Ham Lon moutain. The first way is to climb along the foot of the mountain and from there climb up to the tops. The other way is to follow the trail through Lake Ham Lon. Beautiful journey to conquer the mountain is to feel the morning dewwith fog on the lake, or enjoy dinner time next to  the kitchen with fire flicker.

3, Yen Tu - Quang Ninh

Yen Tu Mountain is the highest mountain in the North East of the Mountains belonging to Thuong Yen Cong Commune, Uong Bi City, Quang Ninh Province.

With a height of nearly 2,000 m and 6.000m distance from the foot of the mountain to the top, Yen Tu is in the "sights" of many people who love trekking. The disadvantage of this mountain is travelers are not allowed to camp along the way and also because there are many shops on the way.  However, this is also something  that helps your baggage up the mountain lighter. This will be advantag for a long distance conquering thousands ladder and steep slopes.

4, Tam Dao - Vinh Phu, Thai Nguyen, Tuyen Quang

Tam Dao range is nearly 80 km long, located in 3 provinces of Vinh Phuc, Thai Nguyen and Tuyen Quang. In which three common vertices and create the so-called Tam Dao Thien Thi Thach Ban and Phu Nghia.

The journey to trek to Tam Dao brings a lot of fun and adventure with brushwood, roots tangerine wrap steps, steep slopes. However, this is  also very wild and romantic with hundreds of exotic flowers, butterflies hundreds press menu on the streams, wild feeling with the moon and stars and the cold during the night time.

5, Bach Ma Moutain - Hue city

Bach Ma mountain with an elevation of over 1,500 meters, is located 50km in the South of Hue city. Located near the sea in the cool mountain air, easy, and is such as Sa Pa, Tam Dao, Da Lat. Especially, standing on top of the mountain, visitors can enjoy the entire scene of  winding Hai Van pass, Mount Tuy Van Cau Hai and peaceful Hue city.

To explore Bach Ma mountain, visitors can follow a chain of unique trails as trail Tri Star, Rhododendron operators trails, trail waterfall Lakes and especially trail Hai Vong Dai. For each trail, visitors will explore many different landscapes.