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Useful tips from Vietnamese stars when traveling

Thanh Hang: You should learn about information relating to the tourist attractions. For example, if you want to try to stay in hotels in hanoi old quarter, you should learn about these vietnam hotels hanoi

hotels in hanoi old quarter

Before stepping  in a certain tourist destination, you need to learn in advance about the destination, such as: where to eat delicious food, where to visit, where to find the entertainment places is and where is the best shopping places ... to avoid having to spend too much time looking for information and crestfallen when going to these tourist destinations. If you d not spend any time to get information, for example if you are looking for a hotel in hanoi, you will not know which is the best hotels in hanoi old quarter

There fore, Ms Thanh Hang said: "I often use the internet to look for information for more knowledge and experience about where I am going to. I also follow  books and ask friends about their experience. " She even tried to get more idea about best hanoi hotels old quarter

Singer Thu Thuy: Remember to bring soy sauce and fish sauce

It sounds like this very strange advice and ridiculous. But if you travel a lot, especially in the tourism Western countries, this is a satisfactory advice. Because food in Vietnam is often used with soy sauce and fish sauce


hotels in hanoi old quarter 1

If you go to China and some countries in Southeast Asia or East Asia, you can find food and  dishes which have tase closed to his the food in Vietnam. But in the West, or even Hong Kong, the food is made pretty light and not just the taste of Vietnam. So, soy sauce and fish sauce brought from home will make your meals become more delicious.

As Thanh Hang said, she agreed that for example, if you want to find a good hotel in hanoi old quarter, you need to learn about the place and talk to friends to get more experience

"The most preferred destination of Thu Thuy is Hong Kong, but because the dishes are light, but Vietnamese people have more oyster habit and Vietnames often eat quite salty food. So, Thuy often bring soy sauce and fish sauce when travelling. "